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killermont street ark sz

words and music by roddy frame

vocals & guitars roddy frame. keyboards & programming rob mounsey. drums
steve jordan. bass will lee. produced by rob mounsey and roddy frame.
engineered by richard alderson and kevin halpin.

as the city asleep
shares its dreams and desires
every wish that we keep
will trace a line to other times, other places
though the song of the proud
howls and dies, never fall for defeat
take a trip to reprieve
every hour they leave
from killermont street

drink a drink to before
and our memories spill
adding on as they pour
from our saturdays and secret sensations
drink a drink to tonight
whisky words tumble down in the street
with the pain that they cure
sentimentally yours
from killermont street

and with collar upturned
i made it south to see
that the love i had spurned
was just the hate in me

as the ships and the steel
slip away to the cry of compete
theres a message for us
we can get there by bus
from killermont street


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