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how it is ark sz

words and music by roddy frame
well you can get grades, toe the line,
keep your behind above the water in the meantime,
join the corporate pyramid,
i couldnt blame you if you did,
until you sell out your brother while your sister falls,
playin daddy, doing the company crawl,
you dont deserve your daughters kiss, i know its sad,
thats how it is.

well, uptown theres been more than an oilspill,
another woman beaten, raped, blood spilled, male hate,
the papers couldnt wait, racism, sell this.
well theres excusin in what im saying,
its just that theres a million colours praying,
for real justice.
thats how it really is.

you just get born, keep on keepin on,
defend yourself against the worries,
try and have fun.
party on until your numbers picked,
but beware cos the fight is fixed,
it was them but it could be you next,
paranoia saves lives,
so if you wanna exist,
get your head round this...
thats how it is.


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