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head is happy hearts insane ark sz
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head is happy hearts insane ark sz

words and music by roddy frame
i recall the biggest beach,
throwing stones, almost alone except for,
something just outside of reach,
and id swear i wouldnt say and then id,
paint me up into a scene,
and throw me like a party which had,
come and stayed and left and been,
and had still refused to end.

and if your head is happy, and your hearts insane,
ill take you there,
when you throw your thunder and you snap my reins,
ill make you care.

since im scattered and deranged,
i shall seek your holy lunacy, and,
laugh will joy and laugh with pain,
so dont say i didnt say,
or ill remember a texan man,
when he spoke in major sevenths and id,
id get my gun and blow his tan,
and banish him from heaven.


my mind has torn its tack to you,
my feet cant wait to go,
thats why im coming back to you,
you know im coming, you know im coming,
youll feel my coming like a gun from below.



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