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get outta london ark sz

words and music by roddy frame
the sun dying on a dusty room,
tv lying to me through the gloom,
even remote control cant change this mood,
get outta london while the gettings good,
get outta london while i know i could,
get outta london.

trains come just ride and believe,
the engine runnings all the music i need,
ive got a fear of the past and a hunger to feed,
get outta london and you shall be free,
get outta london and its guaranteed,
get outta london.

i walked the avenue of dumb signs,
meant nothing and it felt fine,
then i remembered what was really mine,
a silver shiver running down my spine.

down where the streets are pave with sick schemes,
the rivers running like a snake through a dream,
the politicians gaze across its slime,
i need another way to waste my time,
get outta london, get outta london.

i saw the spectre of charity,
and he didnt seem brotherly,
popping up what should be blown away.
a brotherhood of man in disarray,
i got hit by the dreamers disease,
where your big ideas,
dont make connection with your buckling knees,
and saw the greed and agreed that it sucked,
but they said, "dont laugh at money cos its bad luck"
get outta london, get outta london.


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