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everybody is a number one ark sz
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everybody is a number one ark sz

words and music by roddy frame

vocals & guitars roddy frame. keyboards rob mounsey, peter beckett. drum
programming jimmy bralower. drums dave wecki. bass synthesizer robby
kilgore. background vocals tawatha agee, jill dellabate, roddy frame and
dan hartman. produced by russ titleman. engineered by josh abbey and eric

now love is a burning ring
at the bottom of our being
done down and disconnected
it lies like a sleeping thing
our task is to awaken
our mission it is clear
with lips and arms and unity
weve overcome our fear

that day will come
when everybody is a number one
until that day
thy never will be done

some boss lickin guy
who said he was your friend
tried to put me down
but ill still be around
and for the people who would try
just to take it apart
let me tell it from the start
for the second time


if i was a poet
i think id throw a stone
in anger and confusion
i would not be alone



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