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down the dip ark sz

words and music by roddy frame
i put all the love and beauty
in the spirit of the night
and im holding my ticket tight.
stupidity and suffering
are on that ticket, too
and im going down the dip with you.

i swear im touched but then im tired
everyone who tries to tie me.
cause i seem to realize
that my cup overflows.
and then i tumble down and take your hand
and no one even knows.
with the broken backs
and the pack of macks
sayin thats the way it goes.


cause i been facin all the red
me, im chasin all the orange.
and while the bourgeois breed
all you need is greed
and that quiet remembrance day.
im gonna pull that chain
til the heavens rain
and i see them wash away.

cause ive bound myself to virtue
but im bound to be amused.
if its less than this
you know i cant approve.
ive been hangin with the hollow men
who never got the groove
and im going down the dip with you.



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