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belle of the ball ark sz

words and music by roddy frame

when youre the belle of the ball
its hard to fall
and sacrifice your status for a fool
but all your apparatus and your charm
can never cool the still, still waters
or warm the chilling air

when youre the belle of the ball
and your gowns a-shining
and your underlining all my thoughts
why give yourself to he who has the lot?
i have something to declare

sensing when to smile
its like predicting miles...
youll never know
to kiss and then caress
could crease your party dress...
and spoil the show

so the belle of the ball
will bow to protocol
misfortune wont befall her shes the star
shell glide into the night
beneath her guiding light
shell suffer every slight and heed the call
but its alright, its alright
shes the belle of the ball


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