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culture club, culture club arklar, culture club ark szleri
1.black comedy394
2.black money429
3.boy, boy, boy, im the boy432
4.changing every day407
5.church of the poison mind344
6.cold shoulder426
7.colour by numbers394
8.come clean416
9.confidence trick355
10.crime time587
11.dangerous man367
12.do you really want to hurt me417
13.dont go down that street414
14.dont talk about it422
15.everything i own extended pw botha mix341
16.fat cat335
17.from luxury to heartache374
18.god thank you woman404
19.gusto blusto454
20.heavens children527
21.hello goodbye601
22.i just wanna be loved381
23.i pray388
24.its a miracle614
25.ill tumble ya659
26.im afraid of me461
27.karma chameleon572
28.less than perfect416
29.love is cold you were never no good372
30.love is love384
31.love twist388
32.man shake538
34.maybe im a fool412
35.melting pot328
37.miss me blind391
38.mistake no344
39.mister man497
40.move away383
41.mystery boy383
43.see thru468
45.sign language345
48.strange voodoo340
49.take control480
50.thats the way im only trying to help you413
51.the dive375
52.the dream600
53.the medal song341
54.the war song370
55.time clock of the heart365
56.too bad440
57.truth behind her smile370
58.unfortunate thing387
60.weep for the child312
61.what do you want328
62.white boy398
63.white boys cant control it417
64.work on me baby408
65.you know im not crazy440
66.your kisses are charity366
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