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say it ark sz

i was lost in paradise
i was washed ashore
i was praying someone
would walk right through that door.
i was hung in effigy
i was flayed alive
i was lost and lonely
and struggling to survive.

say that you need me
say that you care
say you believe in me
(say it, say it, say it)
and ill be there, oh yeah.

i was baked alaska
burning deep inside
i was wandering round this earth
trying to find a place to hide.
i was mr. heartache
i was ripped and torn
i was hardly living
until you came along.


come on and say it
whisper in my ear
come on.

a ripple of uncertainty
became a tide of change
that wave became an ocean
now youre out of range.
seen heaven in a rainbow
many splendid things
none compare, none come close
youre my everything

say that you need me
say that you care
say you believe in me
say it, mean it, say it, and mean it
say it, and mean it, say it
and ill be there, oh yeah.


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