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things ill never say ark sz

im tuggin at my hair
im pullin at my clothes
im tryin to keep my cool
i know it shows

im staring at my feet
my cheeks are turning red
im searching forthe words inside my head

im feelings nervous
tryin to be so perfect
cause i know your worth it
youre worth it yeah

if i could say what i want to say
id say i want to blow you..... away.....
be with you every night
am i squeezing you too tight
if i could say what i want to see
i want to see you go down... on one knee....
marry me today
marry me today
gues im wishing
my life away
with these things ill never say

it dont do me any good its just a waste of time
what use is it to you whats on my mind
if aint comin out were not going anywhere
so why cant i just tell you that i care
cause im feeling nervous
tryin to be so perfect
cauuse i know your worth it!
whats wrong with my tongue
these words keep slipping away
i stutter i stumble like ive got nothing to say
but im feeling nervous
trying to be so perfect
cuz i know your worth it




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