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infatuation ark sz

Ive started to feel something

Its more than friendship

I see you in the school field

I start to trip

I lose the use of speech

Only you have the power to teach

It has to be kept quite

Its not how i am used to feeling

Im a guy kinnda gal

If you havent figured it out

This is my main shout

To let all my family, friends and fans

Know the truth

This is your proof

I am a gal, gal

I hope you can understand

This is why i formed the band

To let you know

So i could show

The pure infatuation

I feel for girls

Is a different kind of attraction

All i can think about is the affection

I would give them my undervided attention

All i can see is the penertration

There is one special

I feel like the earth moves

This proves

I think I am in love

You remind me of a pure innocent dove

In you my fans i will trust

But then you must

Keep this secret

Or I will regret

Putting my life in your hands

Her body is so perfect

I would worship and protect

I want to glide my finger tips

Accross her delicate lips

Cluch her hips

Keep her in close grips

She is so fine

I want her to be mine

I am about to let go

Like a real pro

Tell you who owns my heart

How from the start

We were never apart

Her name is Gwen Stafani

Mine name is Avril Lavigne

Thankyou for your time

I hope you still remain my fans

I hope you understand


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