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falling down ark sz

If fears what makes us decide,

Our future journey,

Im not along for the ride,

Cuz Im still yearning,

To try and touch the sun,

My fingers burning,

Before youre old you are young,

Yeah Im still learning


I am falling down,

Try and stop me,

It feels so good to hit the ground,

You can watch me,

Fallin on my face,

Its an uphill human race,

and I am falling down

Im standing out in the street,

The earth is moving,

I feel it under my feet,

And Im still proveing,

That I can stand my ground,

And my feet are there, havent washed my hair

Too be lost before you are found,

Dont mean you are losing


Some day Ill live in a house

Etc., etc., etc.

Dont you know thats not for now

and for now Im falling




Yeah e Yeah..Yeah e Yeah,


Im falling down,

Im falling down..Im falling down...

Im falling....


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