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whatcha gonna do for me ark sz

all night and all day, just chippin away
its all in a days work;
tryin hard to defend
the time that i spend alone
the ground that you lose exploiting
the blues
wont get the job done;
still, as deep as it bites,
im keepin my sights on you

whatcha gonna for me
what are you gonna do for me
whatcha gonna do for me, when
the chips are down

in the cool of the night, when
nothing seems right
the feeling can take you;
strange as it seems,
you make your own dreams
come true
if you try to conceal the way
that you feel
youre askin for trouble;
just as sure as youll cry,
im keepin my eye on you

you dont have to tell me im
to blame for this
the thing you hold against me,
is the thing that i miss


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