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youre crying lloras english remix ark sz
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youre crying lloras english remix ark sz

lloras (english remix "youre crying")

the years have gone by, and we have grown up so fast
and how mommy and daddy were always on our backs
no matter what you always looked out for me
and i love you but i know that you aint happy
another blow to the face its almost everyday
just like always another excuse you give to me
that he loves you so much, but hes the one i dont trust
when i ask, you take to the head to much
your are my family and my goal is to save you
so i pray for you

lil girl he doesnt love you truly
he 20 otha girls but its you hes abusing
what dont you see?
he mistreats you and later you defend him
dont pay him any mind, dont give in
what dont you see?

(youre crying) everytime he hits you
(youre crying) do what you have to do
(youre crying) and i can still feel four fear
(youre crying) your hands are feeble and weak
(youre crying) that aint the love that you need
(youre crying) hes the one that caused that bruise
(youre crying) when he spits in your face
(youre crying) hes just a waste
(youre crying) i guess he feels superior
that bastard is a dog
thats why i sing this song
to show you i really love you

hes not worthy of how much you love him
just know that you could always leave him
do you see?

ladies keep ya head up... cmon holla back

my nefews shouldnt see their mother running in fear
you sleep with a monster i know you dont wanna hear
go ahead and count the very few good times
then go and count all the years he has made you cry

i dont wanna see my little sister crying
over that stupid prick
nothing good of him ever existed
dont know how you can still kiss him
what dont you see?
i see only fear there is no respect
because everytime i see you

(youre crying) when he comes home
(youre crying) like a drunken dog
(youre crying) he slaps you for nothig
(youre crying) the kids come home
(youre crying) and they scream "daddy no!"
(youre crying) please dont hit mommy again
(youre crying) youre too good for him, i
(youre crying) only see him telling you lies
(youre crying) cuz he has a heart of stone

he really should change
cuz payback is a bitch
when i put him in his place


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