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tonight will be alright ark sz

little darling
where youve been so long
ive been out here thinking about ya
and the feelings real strong
well the time has come to celebrate
you and me girl so sounds great
cause tonight will be alright
oh baby
little darling, come on
lets take a ride
to a midnight honey town and set it on fire
we dont want to be mad
but we have to be cool
you and me girl
lets break all the rules
cause tonight will be alright
oh my baby, im gonna say it again
i can see us moving on
down the highway
i can see us loving
till our hearts desire
anything you wanna do girl
you just tell me
cause its alright, cause its alright
little darling, telling you no use
keep me thinking about you honey
my souls on fire
well if you want me girl
and the games i play
anythings alright, anything you say
cause tonight will be alright
alright, baby ill say it again, alright
alright, alright, alright, baby
we gonna make it alright
you and me baby, alright


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