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sweet love ark sz

show me it river thats so deep
show me a mountain so high
ill show you love thatll last forever
flying high so high
show me a place where dream are for dreamers
and all the things you wish come true
id wish the world had all happy people
the thered be no more wishing to do
oh sweet love
oh well well sweet sweet love
oh woo hoo sweet love
sweet love that comes through the age
reach out and touch my soul
give my life so much meaning
and everyone a heart of gold
oh sweet love
hh love sweet love
oh woo hoo sweet love
i know youre searching
i know youre searching for love and peace and understanding
and i know its been hard trying to find your way.
but youve got to keep on searching harder day by day
cos this love, love the only way
oh sweet love
oh love sweet sweet love
oh woo hoo sweet love
when youre down and out and you cant see your way
just call on love


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