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love will conquer all ark sz

here we are out hear, me and you
reaching out to each other
is all that we can do
here we stand trying not to fall
theres no need to worry
love will conquer all
do you really want to know
just how long will last
will all of the bad times pass?
how can we make things right?
ooh and why, why is the world so unkind?
we surely can find peace of mind
if we only see the light
cant you see that?
can somebody tell me why?
why do our dreams go wrong?
why cant we all belong?
oh where did we start?
oh and tell me when
when will we ever learn
theres nowhere else we can turn
the truth is in our hearts
here we are together
sometimes the road gets hard to travel
sometimes the pains too much to bear
sometimes when life seems to unravel
thats the time oh to say
were gonna make it anyway
cant you see that?


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