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person to person ark sz

telephone line, bad connection
and im half asleep
makin conversation with you should be easy
but it aint
wish you could be with me
there would be no problem
our communications bad
and i want to see you again

person to person, face to face
person to person, one to one
person to person, touching hands
person to person, thats what love demands

six weeks, long time to be without you sugar
but what can i do
working hard on the other side of the world
might as well be on the moon
wish that i could write it all down
and put it in a letter to you
feelin like i do right now
wont make it any better to you
just got to be

person to person, face to face
person to person, one to one
person to person, we cant replace
person to person, thats just how it gets done

person to person, line to line
person to person, just keepin time


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