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dont wanna lose you ark sz

you know its taken a long time to realize
how much i love to be with you
times are hard,spirits weak
everything seems to be going wrong
outlooks bleak
you know i fooled around playing the field
thats when i found that your love was real
no i havent treated you so right
but i wont lose your love without a fight
im gonna hold on to the love we have togther
hold on dont you say good-bye
tell me now before we lose forever
girl i dont want lose
gotta have your sweet loving
cause without it girl ill just lost my mind
the way you hold me
comforts me and shows me
that a love like yours is hard to find
i need your loving every day and night
youre kinda lovin makes me feel alright
baby dont go
baby don go,not now
baby dont go
i need you by my side girl
baby dont go
i love you so
i dont want to lose you
you know it took me a long time
t finally realize
that a good thing is hard to find
thats why im standing right here
with you doday girl
i want to keep you
ive come to my senses
i dont wanna go anywhere
im coming home


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