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our time has come ark sz

looking back on the road we left behind
i wonder just what it is weve done
seems like weve earned the right
to throw the dice again
lets make the pieces fit together -
as one

to be masters of our own fate
- is all were asking for
looks like we dont have long
to wait, no more

now, now that our time has come
- lets take our chance right now,
now, lets finish what we begun -
- no time to hang around
now that our time has finally
come around

looking ahead, just one step at a time
i think that by now we should
know enough
seems like weve learned the way
to keep it all in line
there aint no way that we will let
it get too tough

to be running in our own race
is all were asking for
looks like we dont have long
to wait, no more


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