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daddys all gone ark sz

i dont have much to say
thought id call you up anyway
just to try to show you the way
that i feel today
i miss you, baby

i sure am on the road
i dont need to say much more
just the same old well - known stranger
that i was before
it seems like yesterday now

daddys all gone
only half way home
hes holding on to the telephone
saying please dont let the show go on

theres a bus every other hour
theres even the midnight train
but that dont leave me the power
to see your face again
its not that simple

you see theres a room full
of smiling faces
theres a man standing by the door
say its time to change our places
and get down on the floor
kill em, baby

daddys all gone
hes just half way home
hes holding on to the microphone
singing please dont make the show go on


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