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big city lights ark sz

hey - (look at) those big city lights
they wont shine tonight for me
its raining - im walking the streets
my heart is way down - down in my shoes
talking, talking to myself,
theres nobody else who can hear me

your love put me on the corner
when i came back and found you were gone
tonight i feel the city wont
let me come home

hey - (look at) those big city lights
they used to be so friendly to me
i came to new york to make it our home
now youve gone and left me here - here on my own
east side, west side - whos on my side
if i could find where you are i might know

laughing and drinking
with bad weather friends
makes me forget for a while
but every time i drain my glass
all i can see is your smile

hey - (look at) those big city lights
buildings closing in on me
hey - (look at) those big city lights
only make it harder to see

i cant believe you really left me
all this time you said i was your man,
but im gonna find you,
and i know that i can,
know that i can

hey -
tell me what about those big city lights



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