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creedence clearwater revival ark szleri
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creedence clearwater revival, creedence clearwater revival arklar, creedence clearwater revival ark szleri
1.bad moon rising398
2.before you accuse me357
4.born on the bayou357
5.born to move364
8.cotton fields489
9.cross-tie walker417
10.dont look now it aint you or me428
11.door to door350
12.down on the corner396
14.feelin blue615
15.fortunate son844
16.get down woman410
18.good golly miss molly440
19.graveyard train374
20.green river375
21.have you ever seen the rain386
22.hello mary lou382
23.hey, tonight495
24.i heard it through the grapevine444
25.i put a spell on you822
26.it came out of the sky353
27.its just a thought433
28.keep on chooglin487
30.long as i can see the light526
31.lookin for a reason443
32.lookin out my back door404
34.my baby left me429
35.need someone to hold334
36.ninety-nine and a half wont do413
37.ooby dooby455
38.pagan baby581
39.penthouse pauper390
40.poorboy shuffle463
42.proud mary414
43.ramble tamble545
44.rude awakening562
45.run through the jungle488
46.sail away371
47.sailors lament680
48.side o the road770
49.sinister purpose392
50.someday never comes342
51.susie- q798
52.sweet hitch-hiker326
53.take it like a friend318
54.tearin up the country393
55.the midnight special348
56.the night time is the right time375
57.the working man359
58.tombstone shadow375
59.travelin band451
60.up around the bend345
61.walk on the water390
62.what are you gonna do465
63.wholl stop the rain394
64.wish i could hideaway352
65.wrote a song for everyone367
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