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love is its own reward ark sz

like kisses from ices
and tiffany tokens
lifes full of surprises
so many emotions
why try to fix
what isnt broken

life comes in sovereigns
love comes in gold
a cargo of moments
youd swear you could hold
but it slips away somehow
(where) nobody knows

- love is its own reward
love is its own reward
take it or leave it
fake it or feel it
love is its own reward

hoist the mainsail
to perilous waters
step below deck
youll find elegant quarters
whos gonna save you
if you should falter

watch the main phase
sail through the century
rise like a starman
and blaze on re-entry
whats there to life
running on empty

(- repeat)

walking down main street
with cupid and psyche
whom should we meet
but sweet aphrodite
i fall to my knees
and praise the almighty

we never go hungry
we never get bored
we are the future
that cant be ignored
love can rob you of your thunder
and thats more than you can afford

(- repeat)

love is its own reward
love is its own reward
take it or leave it
let me reveal it
love is its own reward


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