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the move ark sz

time is here
time is now
i am listening to the welcome stirring sound
spirits fire
raining down
in a dry and barren land new life is found
all around the world i see it coming
fanned by the rushing wind
all around the a nations forming
its a revolution wispering
rising from the ashes is a flame
a million hearts rekindled by the name
looks like loves alive (the move)
looks like hopes revived
rising from the ashes is a flame
need to pray
for the touch
knowing heavens hand will move us toward the flame of love
all around the world i see it burning
fanned by the rushing wind
all around the world see hearts returning
a generations born again
pray god will move you
pray god will touch you
pray for the strength to be weak
pray he will lead you
pray he will guide you
pray very hard for your peace


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