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crash test dummies, crash test dummies arklar, crash test dummies ark szleri
1.a cigarette is all you get421
2.a little something332
3.a worms life538
4.aching to sneeze402
5.afternoons & coffeespoons356
6.all of this ugly381
7.all you pretty girls332
8.an old scab378
10.at my funeral418
11.baby one more time367
12.bette davis eyes497
13.comin back soon the bereft mans song463
14.filter queen578
15.get you in the morning373
16.give yourself a hand411
17.god shuffled his feet355
18.handy candyman503
19.he liked to feel it589
20.here i stand before me402
21.here on earth ill have my cake510
22.how does a duck know356
23.i love your goo448
24.i think ill disappear now465
25.i want to par-tay409
26.in the days of the caveman367
27.im a dog531
28.im gonna be miles565
29.im outlived by that thing587
30.just chillin613
31.just shoot me, baby437
32.keep a lid on things400
33.la grange385
34.liverpool lullaby399
35.mmm mmm mmm mmm953
36.my enemies347
37.my own sunrise390
38.our driver gestures376
39.partys over599
40.passacaglia/a bud and slice360
41.pissed with me356
42.playing dead371
43.sick bed of cuchulainn352
44.stand by your man586
45.sunday dress355
46.supermans song491
47.swatting flies379
48.swimming in your ocean493
49.the ballad of peter pumpkinhead378
50.the country life390
51.the first noel449
52.the ghosts that haunt me363
53.the overachievers388
54.the psychic387
55.the rocky road to dublin476
56.the voyage359
57.there are many dangers407
58.thick-necked man354
59.throw your arms around me505
60.two knights and maidens364
61.un-break my heart408
62.understand your man377
63.when i go out with artists366
64.winter song334
65.working late350
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