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in not of ark sz

i hide me far away from trouble
the world outside me grows darker by the day
so i promise to stay here close beside you
surely god would want his children safe
then in reading, how my eyes were opened
i find that he is leading us out into the world
into the middle of fallen saints and sinners
where a little grace is needed most
come take the light to darker parts
share his truth with hardened hearts
we are not like the world, but we can love it
come bring the hope to hopeless men
until the lost are found in him
he came to save the world so let us be...
in it, not of it
wait a minute
if we say we love them, why are we not in it
why we run and hide
entertain a stranger
maybe entertain an angel
the danger is if our worlds dont colide
weve cursed the darkness far too long
we need to hold the candle high
we have to go and right the wrongs
we need to touch the world with love.


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