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first love ark sz

i used to be the one
who would long to hear your voice
a child who
sought to win his fathers heart
but as i carried on
life got a hold on me
now here i am, a child so far from home
tell me when did i lose my first love?
where did the fire and passion go?
burn in me your holy fire
give me back my lost desire
and restore in me the love i felt for you
can i remember how it felt
when they looked into my face
and they saw the love of jesus in my eyes
when i look back on my life
and question where ive been
can i really say ive done my best for you?
oh, where did i go?
(ive lost my way, ive lost my love, im all alone)
oh, im lost and im alone
oh, help me pleaselord, lead me home
father take me back
and let me start again
lord, ive failed and ive
fallen in my pride
but lead me back to you
where my life began
revive in me the yearning that has died.


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