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dont save it all for christmas day ark sz
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dont save it all for christmas day ark sz

dont get so busy that you miss

giving just a little kiss

to the ones you love

dont even wait a little while

to give them just a little smile

a little is enough

see how many people are crying

some people are dying

how many people are asking for love

so dont save it all for christmas day

find a way

to give a little love every day

dont save it all for christmas day

find a way

cause holidays have come and gone

but love lives on

if you give on


how could you wait another minute

a hug is warmer when youre in it

oh, baby thats a fact

and saying i love yous always better

seasons, reasons they dont matter

so dont hold back

see how many people in this world

so needful in this world

how many people are praying for love

repeat chorus

so let all the children know

everywhere that they go

their whole life long

let them know love


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