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cant live a day ark sz

i could live life alone
and never feel the longings of my heart
the healing warmth of someones arms
and i could live without dreams
and never know the thrill of what could be
with every star so far and out of reach
i could live with many things
and i could carry, but...i couldnt face my life tomorrow
without your hope in my heart i know
i cant live a day without you
lord, theres no night and theres now morning
without your loving arms to hold me
youre the heartbeat of all i do
i cant live a day without you
i could travel the world
see all the wonders beautiful to me
theyd only make me think of you
and i could have all life offers
riches that were far beyond compare
to grant my wish without a care
oh, i could do anything
and i could carry on, oh yes
but if you werent in at all...
jesus, i live because you live
youre like the air i breathe
oh jesus, oh, i have because you give
youre everything to me oh...


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