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whos to blame ark sz

money is a great thing
when you know you havent got it
money is a good thing
it will.................
your bloody hand........ broken glass
that sits deep in my pocket
do you still want it
do you still need it

so whos to blame

money is a fine thing
but id never.............
why do you walk so
why do you talk so
money takes a slice of life
and cuts into pieces
do you still want it
do you still need it

so whos to blame

you think you love
but all you do is........ feed your ego
no hurts in..................
no gain from stealing
your shallow smile is there to hide
the pain that twists and grows inside
do you still do it
do you still feed it

so whos to blame

i never told you, never told you itd be easy
as you walk from those around you
no time for reason
you will be.............


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