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policeman skank the story of my life ark sz
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policeman skank the story of my life ark sz

yeah, yeah, yeah
lord have mercy

this is the story of my life
this is the story of my day (x2)

walking on........... me selector
walking down town.......... rain
never feel like to get a taxi
i couldnt afford to pay
so a policeman came to me
said you look like a charge for a robbery
but i tell him no, not................. so, oh no
so me and him start to argue
.............. blow
he stepped by me toe
left right uppercut blow


five more policeman come my selector
and pushed me........... the van
they couldnt understand why i started
i said they got the wrong man
so a.................. came to me
talking for free, i get you immunity guilty
but i told him no, think im a joe, oh no
so i went to the court house
to tell him what i know
the judge said no
........... right, take him below


this is the story of my life,... style
this is the story of my day
come catch me
come catch me, want me
yes they want me to plead, to plead guilty
no way
the policemen want to charge me
i dont know what for
they wanna take me, wanna take me away from you
oh yeah
policeman skank in a..


this is the story of my day and night
please believe me


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