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freefall ark sz

so here i am
a broken man
what i have is held in my hand
and what you choose
is what you get
what you lose is your regret, your regret

so here i am
a drunken man
another dragon in my head
and what you want
is what you get
what you get you never want

im in freefall

so here i am
a lonely man
and maybe you dont give a damn, give a damn
please, take me in
and wash me down
and show me............. i cant be found

so here i am
a falling man
but some things will never change, no
what you dont know
it wont hurt you, no
still it hurts you just the same

im in freefall, im out of control
im in freefall, im losing my hold
im in freefall, im out of control



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