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cradle of filth ark szleri
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cradle of filth, cradle of filth arklar, cradle of filth ark szleri
1.all hope in eclipse425
2.amor e morte341
3.bathory aria a murder of ravens in fugue335
4.bathory aria benighted like usher438
5.bathory aria eyes that witnessed madness310
6.beneath the howling stars352
7.born in a burial gown355
8.cruelty brought the orchids337
9.cthulhu dawn467
10.dawn of eternity415
11.death comes ripping408
12.death magick for adepts340
13.desire in violent overture372
14.from the cradle to enslave346
15.funeral in carpathia467
16.her ghost in the fog359
17.lord abortion425
18.lustmord and wargasm the lick of carnivorous winds373
19.no time to cry450
20.nocturnal supremacy359
21.of dark blood and fucking338
22.perverts church587
23.she mourns a lengthening shadow482
24.the forest whispers my name344
25.the rape and ruin of angels315
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