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the houseplant song ark sz

once i read a book
and this is what it said
if your music has a beat
then youre gonna wind up dead
it doesnt really matter if its christian or not
if its syncopated rhythm then your soul is gonna rot
and this book was called "ha! your gonna burn"
and in the second chapter i went on to learn

take two houseplants
and put them to the test
set them both in front of speakers
and let the music do the rest
the first one you play mozart
or something lovely like that
the second one you play that petra or that megadeth.
doesnt really matter what kind of rock it is.

so i took my two houseplants
and i put them to the test
set them both in front of speakers
to let the music do the rest
i powered up my pioneers
to let the music roar
but twenty minutes later
someones knocking at my door
i opened up my door
and there my neighbour stood
he said, "man id like to get some sleep
if you think i could"
i said, "man, cant you see here
ive got this moral dilemma that i got to get clear."
he said, " what kind of moral dilemma
could you have at this time of night
that could make me so angry
that i just want to fight!?"
so i pointed to the page in that open book
that had a picture of a potted plant
and i said, "go have a look."
and he read


first of all he said,
"thats wagner that youre playing
ive never heard of petra
and isnt megadeth all dead."
and secondly, emphatically, he asked me,
"whats the sense of hanging out with houseplants when, hey,
i live right across the fence."
and i thought to myself
you know, thats a good point
so i took my two houseplants, and
i put them both back outside
and me and my neighbour
well, we went out for a drive
we talked about all the things
that really matter most
like life and love and happiness
and then the holy ghost
and now my two houseplants
they sit out in the sun
as for me and my neighbour
well our friendship has become
a meaningful relationship
thats headed straight to heaven
but as for now
we like to sit around and listen to audio adrenaline
cranked to eleven!


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