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people like me ark sz

i could tell you a story of shame
i could talk for hours on how we became
a flower that bloomed in one day.
the next day our glory faded away.
divided by hostilities,
hung up on issues, we disagree.
a body thats been torn apart.
were still a body with a healthy heart.

people like me, persons like you.
we want to be, closer to god.
closer to free.
all you people like me.

what do you think when you see
continuous losers the people like me?
i hope you never believe
just for a moment youre better than me.
the truth is that we are the same.
all different people but only one name.
i hope that you will agree
that all of you are people like me.

i cant stand by myself anymore.
i forgot what were fighting for.
please come take my hand
we can make our stand
feels so good to be,
be so free.


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