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cowboy junkies, cowboy junkies arklar, cowboy junkies ark szleri
1. more miles346
2.- blues395
3.a common disaster330
4.a horse in the country324
5.angel mine331
6.anniversary song359
7.at the end of the rainbow368
8.baby please dont go683
9.bad boy436
10.beas song440
11.black eyed man341
12.blue guitar364
13.blue moon revisited338
14.brothers under the bridge392
15.captain kidd366
17.cold tea blues536
18.come calling365
19.cowboy junkies lament350
20.crescent moon372
22.darkling days400
23.dead flowers374
24.december skies394
25.decoration day358
26.dreaming my dreams with you363
27.escape is so simple352
28.first recollection351
29.five room love story316
30.floorboard blues328
31.forgive me379
32.good friday356
33.handouts in the rain362
34.hard to explain483
35.hold on to me342
36.hollow as a bone347
37.hot burrito im your toy444
39.i believe ill dust my broom556
40.i dont get it566
41.i dont want to be a soldier480
42.if you gotta go, go now419
43.if you were the woman and i was the man401
44.in the long run361
45.isnt it a pity532
46.ill never get out of these blues alive495
47.im so lonesome i could cry583
48.just want to see369
49.lay it down395
50.leaving normal368
51.license to kill348
52.lonely sinking feeling431
53.lost my driving wheel304
54.loves still there462
56.mariners song425
57.me and the devil354
58.miles from our home320
59.mining for gold470
60.misguided angel417
61.murder, tonight, in the trailer park370
62.musical key354
63.my fathers house452
64.new dawn coming334
65.no birds today339
66.no more508
67.now i know492
69.oregon hill315
70.pale sun342
71.postcard blues368
73.ring on the sill342
75.rock and bird368
76.seven years377
77.shining moon476
78.someone out there412
79.something more besides you392
80.southern rain292
81.speaking confidentially405
82.state trooper384
83.summer of our discontent375
84.sun comes up, its tuesday morning410
85.sweet jane808
86.take me687
87.the good and the bad324
88.the last spike352
89.the post393
90.the water is wide350
91.theres a house in the forest548
92.thirty summers343
93.this street, that man, this life346
94.this world dreams of343
95.those final feet340
96.tired eyes355
97.to lay me down403
98.to live is to fly365
99.to love is to bury326
100.townes blues465
101.two soliders353
102.walking after midnight365
103.where are you tonight290
104.white sail381
105.winters song446
107.working on a building353
108.you will be loved again367
109.youre missing429
110.cause cheap is how i feel419
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