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hands and feet ark sz

an image flashed across my tv screen
another broken heart comes in to view
i saw the pain and i turned my back
why cant i do the things i want to?
im willing yet im so afraid
you give me strength
when i say

i want to be your hands
i want to be your feet
ill go where you send me
iii go where you send me
and l try, yeah i try
to touch the world like
you touched my life
and i find my way
to be your hands

ive abandoned every selfish thought
ive surrendered every thing ive got
you can have everything i am
and perfect everything
im not im willing,
im not afraid
you give me strength when i say


this is the lifetime i turned my back on you
from now on, ill go so
send me where you want me to
i finally have a mission
i promise complete
i dont need excuses
when i am your hands and feet


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