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get down ark sz

lavishly our lives are wasted
humbleness is left untasted
you cant live your life to please yourself, yeah
thats a tip from my mistakes
exactly what it doesnt take
to win youve got to come in last place
to live your life youve got to lose it
and all the losers get a crown

i get down and he lifts me up
i get down and he lifts me up
i get down and he lifts me up
i get down

all i needs another day
where i cant seem to get away
from the many things that drag me down, yeah
im sure youve had a day like me
where nothing seems to set you free
from the burdens you cant carry all alone
in your weakness he is stronger
in your darkness he shines through
when youre crying hes your comfort
when your all alone, hes carrying you


this valley is so deep
i can barely see the sun
i cry out for mercy, lord
you lift me up again


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