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country joe mcdonald, country joe mcdonald arklar, country joe mcdonald ark szleri
1.acid commercial533
2.baby, youre driving me crazy688
3.bass strings336
4.carry on373
5.crystal blues377
6.death sound blues342
7.dirty claus rag412
8.doctor of electricity377
9.donovans reef521
10.for no reason351
11.going home688
13.hang on371
14.happiness is a porpoise mouth440
15.here i go again335
16.hold on to each other404
17.i feel like im fixin to die462
18.its so nice to have your love514
19.ill survive647
21.joes blues454
22.lady with the lamp386
24.love is a burning thing532
28.mojo navigator355
29.my girl347
30.my last song344
31.not so sweet martha lorraine384
32.oklahoma hills364
33.pats song439
34.picks and lasers342
35.rock coast blues340
36.sad and lonely times347
37.shes a bird696
38.sing sing sing526
39.standing at the crossroads363
40.stolen heart blues397
42.superstitious blues372
43.sweet marie410
44.tennessee stud358
45.the bomb song415
46.the bomb song reprise431
47.the love machine357
48.the masked marauder598
49.the munition maker394
50.thought dream464
52.tiger by the tail411
53.tricky dicky435
54.war widow404
55.what wondrous love is this345
56.who am i360
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