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faraway ark sz

what a state to be in
its a world of indecision
so self destructive
and such an ugly business

in and out of fashion
you always leave your mark
an indefinite decision
a dangerous remark

-- when youre cold and tired
dont turn your head away
the distance thats between us
gets bigger every day

- how come you never see
youre as faraway as faraway can be
youre as faraway as faraway can be

you try so hard to impress
you talk the telephone to death
its what you cant see that counts
but you havent worked that out yet

there is no reason
there is no plan
the truth can be deceptive
from such a quiet man

theres madness in your words
not wishing to be heard
but just like yesterday
youve already slipped away

(- repeat)
(-- repeat)
(- repeat)

youre as faraway as faraway
as faraway as faraway
as faraway as faraway
as faraway as faraway
as faraway as faraway
as faraway from me as you can be


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