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sex, cess and the blase blah ark sz
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sex, cess and the blase blah ark sz

[king just]
sex, nature, money, evil, cess the root of earth, blase blah unknown
the mystics, the mentals, thoughts wandering
exploring new expeditions
taking the music of the inner soul and minds of the young generation
our future
who knows about this world filled with nothing but money, greed and girls
or what about the music i release
does it calm the savage beast or make you go wild in the streets
im at the edge of insanity
my life is on its last thread
i feel like im the living dead
thats why i walk the earth with braids in my head
my strongs like the strength of sampson
whith thoughts more insaine than charels manson
power enhancing
thats why i take these chances
cuz life is like a big game
either you win or loose
and since i got one life to loose, i play to win
cus in the end we all loose
you say you do not understand, how can you not understand
its in the music, its in the words, its in everything i hear or see
intertwining with rhymes, casts and spells
that cross these dark words of horror
hip-hop is the way, it is the infinity gauntlet
the legend will live on forever, everlasting
i am the king
the mystics of the god, king just

though i confuse, i only got one life to loose
so i choose to break all rules and act like a fool
fuck school because they never understood
they didnt know me and they didnt care about my hood
good, cus i dont want they sympathy anyway
id rather pray for better days and make my own way
hay, i gotta get mine somehow, somewhere
i ma smoke that nigga that be creepin through the stairs
yeah, cus life is so complex
all i want is marijuana and sex and flex in the lex
test, you aint shit, neither am i
its fucked up and i dont give a fuck weather i live or die
why do i love to get high
why do i cry inside
why do i live to die
questions that cant be answered
here is the truth which is untold, and watch my thoughts unfold
unbaffled, scientists been baffled
how can the projects create this fuckin attitude
its my grattitude, right back at you
if your going to hurt me then im gonna hurt you
yo, who really knows whats on the other side
thats why i get high
mystics of the god means ill never die


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