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pain ark sz

theres one brain
theres two halves to one brain
one halfs the pen, the other halfs a steel
check the story

[chorus 2x]
pain, yo, is all i feel
imma die wit my pen, or imma die wit my steel

[king just]
a young shorty on the block, wit no props
fightin every day, turn the pot, and crackin beer top
in the hallway, gettin fucked up, everyday
you ever thought about goin to school? no way
i always thought id be a big rap star
drive fancy cars and travel like far
aha, dream didnt come true, now its 1982
so what the hell you want me to do?
i wanna sell drugs and hang wit the thugs
from the projects, and own a nickel plated tech
but yet, i still got the skill to rock the crowd
i guess rappin should just be style
but now, i cant take it no more
im ready to get my gat and tell you face down to floor
give me what you got, nigga, shit is real
imma die wit my pen, or imma die wit my steel

[chorus 2x]

[king just]
so damn confused, this life just dont seem the same
kids on the smelly court, playin the ghetto games
i reminisce about the shit that i did
you couldnt be soft and live where i lived
cuz only the strong survive, and the weak die
well aint that a bitch, oh, my, my, my
momma, why i gotta be like that?
face the fact, i want the respect of my ghetto back
so i dig deep cuz i got a lot to give
as the world turns, but only one life to live
so come on my children, lets start rebuildin
a new foundation for every mans nation
i try to make a stand, but every stands a downfall
i sat on the bench while other kids played ball
its not the fact that i lack athletic
id rather grab a pen and pad, and get poetic

[chorus 2x]

[king just]
bow, boom, bang, same to the 90s
two-six mob, nigga, thats where youll find me
down wit black fist, now, my promos on kiss
and everybody around town wants to talk shit
i guess thats the way life goes, i guess no one knows
yo, we all choose our own roads
so you choose yours, and imma choose mine
who knows, we just might make it at the same time
define, yo, the meanin of jealously
and i show you a hundred rappers that cant fuck wit me
true, so whats the moral to the story?
the god is on his way to glory, but yet theres more g.
i became that nigga to the cess
my lifestyle change and now its headed to the west
i guess, i have to do some shows out there
but when i appear, the crowd shook wit fear
yo, i cant die wit my steel
i got a career now, to make at the top of my field
so you ask, how does the story end?
one love to shaolin, we gotta die wit our pen

[chorus 4x]

yo this is a message from the god
dreams come true only if you make em happen
one love to shaolin


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