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no flows on the rodeo ark sz

[king just]
well here i am, the funky man wit the ill manner
dont spasm, cuz i be yall bad mamma jamma
i told ya couldnt fuck wit me, nanananana
i turn incredible hulk back into david bammer
i am a slammin this shit just like a human hammer
and rock suits from timbuktu to alabama
is the matter, and chocolate here comes the sword
hit us hard, but now we livin large, oh my god
yo its on, movin in like desert storm
droppin bombs, ring the alarm, wheres my bong?
light it up, cuz imma smoke shit just like a gemini
for niggas who dont remember, yo mo bee
make it easy, girls wanna seize me
believe me, its the same shit at the 6 g
harvard tactics, breakin niggas backwards
the zoo stickin niggas like cactus, for practice
these fake rappers, try to chill and make a pill
knowin they aint real, knowin they aint got skills
im from the hill, where niggas go to toe to toe
in other words, no flows on the rodeo

[chorus 2x]
yippeekiyay, yippee yay, yippee yo
yippeekiyay, yippee yay, yippee yo
yippeekiyay, yippee yay, yippee yo
yo, no flows on the rodeo

[king just]
holy cow, the kangaroo, they let the wildest nigga out the zoo
its the bird who flew the coup on the first scoop
who blew the roof? poof, straight into the mystics
super sadistic, im butter like a biscuit
oh shit kid, watch the sonic boom get boomer
i flip hits and shits, and free my kazoomas
on like pumas, and niggas cant throw me out
cuz the rhymes i givell get ya dick hard like pencil stout
shout, a little bit louder now
whos that nigga goin, aow, aow
style, makes me superhyginetic
fuck athletics, im dope and poetic
forget it, cuz niggas dont want none
cant get none, probably done before they see the outcome
the drum, is the constant beat in my ear
the warrior, is me, because i have no fear
i sware, to my little seed, take heed
cuz in this rap shit, imma succeed and smoke weed
and get lifted, high as a kite
you cant fuck wit the rhymes i write
so you write, tonights the night
im ready to fight, its on and its war
i turn, i shoot, i score

[chorus 2x]

[king just]
im like a threat to a needle, make more hits than beatles
and stay sharp like a church steeple
for my people, i gotta put em on somehow
is the faces you meet up, is the ones you meet goin down?
bow, im blowin up spots this year
i dont care, so rollin up the owls in the stairs
be prepared, for all types of shit like this
hits after hits, it can only be black fist
shit, what you thinkin
the reason, im the shit is cuz im stinkin
ya niggas is dead like abe lincoln
im thinkin, im a fuckin master plan
it be the man, that made me the man that i am
god damn, the nigga slams like nba jam
tryin to battle me, is tryin to drown aquaman
it couldnt happen, im still on the staten
still rappin, still keepin the crowd clappin
im blastin, all up in the like a shuttle
makin other rap squads go in a huddle, leave a puddle
of blood for my niggas lock down, one love
for you niggas who dont like me, blaow, catch a slug

[chorus 2x]

what, 95
no one survive


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