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move on em stomp remix ark sz

[chorus 4x]
shaolin what! move on em, stomp!

[king just]
hama-hama ley! as i fly through the air
appear, rip and tear just like a spear
freakin it, wit that ol crazy ol flow
(there i go, there i go, there i go)
yo, see what i mean, im fuckin sick
light the bomb, tick-tick-tick-tick, boom
all i smell is terror, doom
i be the nigga that escape from the patted room
goo-goo retarded, sickness, the shit
who put the "hey ya" shit, on that first shit, yeah that shit
who spits words like you never heard, im absurd
ahh, gettin on ya nerves
crazy, who could amaze me
brain stay cessted, i stay lazy
drivin miss daisy, dukes
shaolin stomps like boots, and we get deep just like roots
and culture, i leave the style for the vultures
i told ya, you never in your life should of fucked wit the soldiers
of shaolin, a/k/a staten island
i heard the fuckin kids be wildin

shaolin zoo, who, wu, wu
i deserve a medal for the clicks i be runnin through
chumps that front, catch lumps
im runnin down clowns, my shit is comin down like a dump
black chumps, sunk into the shit that i flip
i bump, pumps, resultin in my triumph
chumps who front get dissed
i burn like syphilis, and you be that dick that try and piss
pa baby, you already saw
while i be on some new shit, that i aint even ready for
im sick, but what you want me to do
i come through, and you couldnt win if it was three of you
if youre concerned, i yearn to burn
and if youre fakin, i straighten niggas out like perms
every rhyme you wrote before
because the shaolin moves on more niggas than u-haul
these niggas aint no calm
so run for you gats, but until then the shaolin stomps

[chorus 4x]

[baby pa]
do you know me? the obiwan kenobi
claustrophobic sick, bigger than moby dick, bastard bitch
yeah right, save it for the judge
but it wasnt me, send us to the sumptuous slash ya m.c.
severe in the worst form, here comes the swarm
sound the alarm, now pa drops the bomb
while youre in the hall, look out below
pa burnin, fuckin wit my sick ass flow
ping-ping like ricochet rabbit
or quickdraw mcgraw, cuz this is the last straw
alakazam, i be the magician master
there she blows, and it fall like niagara
m.c.s be swearin they could flip the script
but ya best pour like malky and dont be ridicolous

[leatha face]
a soldier, straight from the battlegrounds of hell
lyrically, im killin m.c.s like brain cells
til we, are precede to commit bad deeds
a roughneck from the projects, live like new years eve
chicks on my dick, like my hand when im pissin
in fact, i got more tricks than a magician
to be, or not to be, a real m.c.
deal wit me, i stay black like b.e.t.
shaolin, oh my lord, niggas is tryin to front
they want beef, so give them craps what they want
rhymes be down like members of the enterprise
you cant defeat me, so when will you realize
you guys get black eyes, when i smoke chocolate cha
my styles massive fly, like plains in the sky
the baddest brother in the shaolin hemisphere
its a nice place to visit, but you wouldnt wanna live here

release, masterpiece constructed
if nigga is pussy, i leave em cherry busted
dusted, who can fuck wit
or master absent minded bastard, burns crowds like acid
yeah, im blowin the spot wit a loaded glock
niggas get popped like a condom
and tight twat, blaow, my shaolin style causes death
my brainstorms are more deformed than birth defects
a sick individual, rips more material
ill type subliminal, calm the street criminal
disrespect, youll get recked, kid, im serious
thou shall burn like an infected clitoris
none can match me, techniques too nasty
pussy punk chumps bleed without a maxi
bring ya, who dare play me on the trigga
i love guns so much, i bust nuts when i kill a nigga
out you end, the rugged top contender, surrender
youre style, i bone like linda
yo, pass the gat, kid, so i could blast those
and let off more shit than that split between ya asshole
i maintain, to pull my frame, out the corn
shaolin what! move on em stomp

[chorus 4x]


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