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leave now ark sz

[intro: king just]
yo, this is how we do this shit

[chorus 2x: all]
niggas better move, niggas better get back
niggas better move, dont fake no jacks (leave now!)

[king just]
i come like a river, ill make ya shake ya zipper
the liver, here comes the nigga thatll dick ya
raw, hardcore, sounds that pound
stop, look, whats that sound?
come on now, youve got to swing with the king
cuz the things i bringll cause more ruckus than rodney king
riots, gimme ya head and imma fry it
try it, i just might be the nicest you ever saw or seen
cats are jammin like mitch green, more albums than al green
a fiend for rap, puttin this shit on back
for my niggas who put me on the map (like that, like that)
back, flash his ring around the axis
feel my mark upon ya chest when it slashes
slow like molasses, black fist is massive
and i rock rhymes from here to shaolin to dallas

[mega don]
boom, the bomb, the mega don drops
what the blood clots? two-six fuckin shots
stand clear for the warfare
or surrender, throw the white flags in the air
yea, the mega dons repossessin shit
and ill represent, kid these misfits are militant
since, lifes a bitch, imma use her
one life to lose her, the mega dons a death abuser
like a butt, niggas better spit at you
im sick, with what im dealin with, shaolin be rippin shit
on the wreck, mega don, knotty dread brothers
we actin live, but this way, all thats dead
so act like you know, black
its the mega don, check the stat
ninety-four, fakin no jacks

[chorus 2x]

check it out, its the mutt who rules like king tut
you rappers suck, its another black fist uppercut
all i wish for is blunts and stunts
you get played like a dunce, i get props makin mutts
misfits, a bunch of hoods with knapps, hairs twisted
steppin to my crew, you wouldnt wanna risk it
just listen, imma school that ass like the board of ed
a skin head, with chicken-heads jumpin on my dick head
nuff said, eyes is mad red, mouth full of smoke
blow it out thru my nose, then take another tote
i hope, that i could live large like boss hogg
the cats out the bag, fuck it, let loose the dogs
im walkin niggas like a pit, its the profes
be on my face, hard like an erect dick

i damage an amateur, clean up styles like janitors
van clans are canned, they cant understand my slammin stamina
i master trash in blastin, ass-rappin
this gat-clappin black, attacks the wack actin
approachers, choke from the smoke of snub noses
and die, high off highly potent doses of dopeness
i posted, roast up these jokers, its over
quit, im rippin off your shit like strip poker
each one, teach one son, but you was taught wrong
i swarm, rip four pawns, youre torn, sick thoughts form
but if i ever want zs chief, i just repeat
no wack styles, count sheep, and go to sleep
black fist, the shaolin click, declares war
so move, move muthafucka, what you waitin for?

[chorus 4x]

fuck that, blood clot!
(easy, easy, selecta, black fist is ours, celestial
any man want some must get after dem)
big shout out, all right
big shout out to all my man lock down
shitty brown (my man will)
ah.. two-six mob, my liners
ah.. mza (l.k.) ah.. gp wu
ah.. barry, ah.. meth-tical
boogie, ah.. k.c., yes.. uh..
meth-tical! haha
(chris) two-twos
all right, all right, little mza
uh.. shaggy, shaggy, shaggy.. -fades-


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