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can i get some ark sz

hell yeah
this is how we supposed to do
uh-huh, black fist we gon do?

drop the grenade, niggas aint larger
time to get paid, youre in the alarm
rappers get slayed, and they cause no harm
im about to lay, hey, can i get some?

[king just]
yo, come get a fuckin taste of reality
casualty, wept over the whole fuckin galaxy
battle me, your styles a game like sorry
or like atari, im gnarly just like a harley
davidson, i take on the bravest one
and turn into that bitch ass nigga he was
cuz, aint no fakin and no playin
and every word that i say, is every word that im slayin
oh god, why do they think im broad
is it my lyrics is hard or is im wit the mob
from the six, now all these rappers talkin shit
but i must be schemin on my life to make hits
black fist on the rise, oh now youre surprised
ya niggas dont exist, like fuckin pens you pry
but imma ride, this beat like girls ridin my meat
fuckin wit just, thats like swimmin in shits creak
wit diarrhea, oh mamma mia
skills is ill, real faster than a cheetah
in a jungle, and imma watch ya empire crumble
if rap was football, ya niggas would of been fumble


[king just]
back up, back up, yes zoos in town
wit the new twist and a brand new sound
what you want? ya niggas aint ready for war
cuz it take ten more, before i get raw
hardcore, off the wall hip hop
nonstop, settin up shop on your block
wit glocks, let ya brain rot
mob tactics, bustin shots, theres a freeze on the pop
what blood clot? means no money, no honey
and thats what make us better than you dummies
sayin all types of shit like shaolin wouldnt last
but just like an automobile you been gassed
passed, just like the rest, you wanna come for test
my brains half rhyme, the other half cess
ive been blessed wit the success
what did you except? look at the way i catch wet
from the projects, and imma live here
til i die, gettin high, shaolin soldiers take over in 95
and imma make sure all my shit is raw
for ya niggas who front, spell it backwards, war


[king just]
hey good lookin, what you got cookin
pack your nerve quick, i have this in the street shookin
the fucked up, niggas better duck
somebody call a bomb squad, cuz im about to blow up
boom, there goes the building
the bomb makes a killa stackin loot to the ceiling
who dwellin and dealin, maybe i got the fuckin feelin
that imma make platinum, i gots to see the million
im destined to buck fuckin wild just like a western
they goin two in the quarter, and have mad sessions
aint no second guessin, im back, wheres ya heart at?
shaolins on the map, zoo niggas attack
the track, got my mind flippin a hundred miles a minute
and as long as im in it, boy, imma finish
a m.c. off, they got lost and tossed by the source
cuz i pay the cost to be the boss
you get flagged like betty ross and the spangled banner
slammin shit more harder than fuckin thors hammer
the ill manner, wit ill grammar
when i get mad, i turn the opposite of fuckin david bammer
the incredible, unedible, turn backwards
terrible, cock a phony rappers offa pedestal


yeah, how we on that shaolin soldier shit
king just, the mystics of the god
sex, money, and cess and the blase blah



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