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boom bow ark sz

[chorus 2x]
boom bow, my style be oww
i be comin down wit that funky shao

[king just]
boom bow, my style be oww
on the real, who can fuckin freak wit this style
oww, wow, just like some animals in the zoo
monkey, vulture, rat, dog and kangaroo
when our styles combine we might rhyme
this unknown to mankind and deeper than the human mind
rewind, see if you can catch what i said
front chump, and then be like 18 in ya fuckin head
mr. pirate, rip and i fly shit
i kick shit wit my jedi mind tricks
mamma mia, ch-ch-ch-chia pet, its a must
that i catch wreck on ya set
im blowin rappers out the frame
its a new year, a new rhyme, and aint a damn thing fuckin change
beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice
and i appear from the rear, shaolin we in here
a lotta rappers be fakin jacks
comin up wit wack tracks and they think they all that
but i attack, those who try to steal my flow
body blow, talkin shit without a video
heya ho, i made a disc for her
wit profes, leatha face, slasher and the star
aw, back to the ancient roots
rollin gooks, and we roll the fuck out just like troops

[chorus 4x]

[king just]
toxic fumes, all i smell is terror, doom
who got flames, so i can get smoked in the patted room
boom, my single drop and now im hear
its amazin, they didnt fuckin pop shit last year
them sound like them, i and i sound like i
pass the ti, yo why must stay try
to go against where do the hell do you represent?
shaolin, killa hill residence, nigga
i go wabble on ya ass, and burn muthafuckas up just like backdraft
splash into some shit from the shitter
super rhyme hitter, money gettin ass nigga
i figure that you aint got the wits to match this
youre style is pussy, imma fuck it over like a mattress
black fist, a new way of music
you choose it, dont confuse it, or reuse it
cuz if you do, im gonna come thru from the zoo
from the shaolin, nigga, you know, who
pass the meth, so i can get bait
im hittin june by the river, slayin ricki by the lake
take, a good look at what you see
imma threat to the industry, until infinity
take, a good look at what you see
imma threat to the industry, until infinity

[chorus 4x]

[king just]
who wants to test these dark waters?
imma slaughter, competition, man listen
on donor, on dancin, on blitzin
friction, static, tragic, its magic
i brainstorm and my war becomes havoc
burn to plastic, on anything i wrap on
i last long, cuz my long niggas aint strong
enough, so call my bluff, yo e, this shit is rough
flyin fist style, wit fuckin uppercuts
hadooken, i must got drunk wit the allergies
baby pa ridiculous just like bounty
so watch me, blow this roof off this mother
yo lover, i think its time to go deep cover
and smother the real from the fake
i cut the tongue off a snake, and i throw it in a lake
i await, bake the cow, its the style
its the style? man, its gotta be the style
cuz i keep hittin you wit hits and shit
on that first shit, to that last shit
on that other shit, what ever kin
if you wanna, bring it on
imma don, plus i got it goin on
word is bond, sing the song of the king
and his soldier friends, aah
i thought this track would never end

[chorus 4x]


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