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two little girls ark sz

one little girl with dirty fingers
playing with broken doll
as the other girl is lying
digging deep into the ground
they seem to play an evil game
a game that doesnt have a name
both of them are in the ashes
at the stake where witches burn

if only they could see beyond the ground they play on
the girls are laughing still, they think theyre having fun
they should be far away, watching the sun go down

one little girl picked up a necklace
from the ashes of the witches
it had wings and then the other
cried out loud ^now let me have it^
the other looked without a sign
right into the witches eye
the kind of horror that she saw
made her choke for evermore

i wish they could have seen beyond the ground they played on
they would be laughing still, having the best of fun
they would be far away watching the sun go down


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