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the family ghost ark sz

the darkness came closer to home on the following night,
and miriam slept like a rock when jonathans face went white....
the bedroom was ice cold,
but the fire was burning still.
the blinding light!
the family ghost had risen again...the ghost!
dont be scared. dont be scared now, my friend.
i am count de la fey.
let me take you to the crypt down below.
where abigail rests....
let miriam sleep.
she never would understand.
now come let us go.
its time to know....
beware of the slippery stairs.
you could easily fall and break your neck!
hand me that torch and i will lead the way
to the secret in the dark.
take a look into the vault....
the sarcophagus of a child!
abigail has been in here for years and years... stillborn.
the spirit of abigail is inside your wife,
and theres only one way you can stop the rebirth of evil itself:
you must take her life now!


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